Clash of the Titles

Tentative Cover

Hey, everybody! I’m Gil James Bavel, editor of a new anthology that’s truly the first of its kind. It’s called Clash of the Titles, and includes original speculative short stories that will both scare and delight you. Writers includes David Gerrold, Mike Resnick, Paul Levinson, Bob Vardeman, Alex Shvartsman and many more. It’s fun, and never been done!

There’s speculative fiction of several flavors– science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, supernatural horror and downright weird stories. Stories that will make you think– for days. Clash of the Titles is a one-of- a-kind anthology with original stories from both veterans of science fiction and new talent alike– that I don’t mind saying, will be the famous literary voices of the future. I know good work when I see it, and these are the finest group of writers I’ve ever known.

Here’s how it works: I wrote a list of titles, the writers picked one each, and wrote a story around it. I offered four monthly, one-on- one video chats to offer feedback and critique for the writers. That way, we were able to communicate and react in real-time, brainstorm and I could offer advice to build the strongest, best stories, polishing those gold nuggets into (I hope) award-winning stories. Thus the name, “Clash of the Titles.”

Then, there’s the artwork– so beautiful that will it make you want to preorder your copy as soon as you see it. The dust jacket/cover features fine art by artist John Zeleznik, and the book design & layout by artist Jason Willis, is equally spectacular. They’re both the best at what they do!

The anthology will have a significant presence at this year’s WorldCon*—MidAmericon II– August 17-21, 2016 in Kansas City, MO. We’ll have a dealer table so you can sign up to pre-order your copy, and once the Kickstarter campaign is successful, thanks to you, digital and print copies will ship worldwide, too. At WorldCon, we’ll be selling T-shirts, autographed fine art prints of the cover art, and giving away digital goodies like wallpapers for your phone and computer!

We’ll also give out postcards with the actual cover on one side and information about the Kickstarter and the book details on the reverse. Keep checking in on the web site,, as you’ll get more information about, and interviews with, the authors that wrote stories appearing in the anthology– and you might win a cool real-life prize!

There’s nothing like a contest to make things more fun! When you order your copies of Clash of the Titles in advance, you’ll receive them before anyone else! Your pre-orders help support everything from paying the writers to designing and laying out both the print & eBooks, publishing, printing, distribution and shipping them out worldwide! I know I speak for all the writers and artists that we truly appreciate your support—and can’t wait to hold the finished product in our hands. When we hit 100% of the goal in our Kickstarter campaign—and there will be plenty of really cool incentive rewards that make it easy to get involved—then you’ll have helped us turn our dream and year-long effort into reality. This is going to be the coolest thing in anthology history this year! We want you to be a part of it.

In fact, we need YOUR help to bring the anthology into reality—so we’re making pre-ordering your copy easy! With rewards including autographed books, games, science fiction boxed sets, expert reviews of YOUR story, online classes on novel and story writing, markets and marketing, making your first page stronger– you can bet everyone will win something nifty. And YOU get to pick YOUR reward! We’ll
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Thanks again, and we’ll see you in Kansas City!

—Gil James Bavel, editor and publisher