A new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk, supernatural horror and more, coming out at WorldCon 2016 MidAmeriCon. It’s a unique idea; a community of writers were invited to claim a title from a list and write a short story, poem or commentary. New writers are rubbing shoulders with old hands writing all-new, original stories. Here’s a taster of the table of contents, not by any means complete:

Paul Levinson-Slipping Time
Mike Resnick–Fastest Dragon
Brian Trent-Vicious Cycle of Life
Adam Bolivar-An Ancient Tomb A-Yonder Lies
Alex Shvartsman–Blood Drive
Allan Dyen-Shapiro–The Bimani HIlton
Bob Vardeman–Mach 5
GeorgeNickolapolous Γιώργος Νικολόπουλος–An Itinerant in Carcosa
Erica Allaire–Do you Feel Like Calamari Tonight?
Joe Oclon–Faster than Light
Jamie Earhartt–Making the Grade
Keith Graham-Into Her Own
James Stegall-Down and Out in Paris, Texas
Hope Erica Schultz–I’ve got a Black Hole in Aisle 9
David Gerrold–The Schwarzschild Radius

–And Counting! Watch for our Kickstarter fundraiser!